Statement on Coral Springs, Fla. Commissioner Move to Prohibit High Capacity Magazines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2018
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Statement on Coral Springs, Florida Commissioner Move to Prohibit High Capacity Magazines


Coral Springs, Fla. — On Wednesday, Campaign to Defend LocalSolutions (CDLS) member and Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley introduced a local ordinance prohibiting the sale and transfer of high capacity magazines — like those used in assault weapons — in the city of Coral Springs, Florida.


The ordinance will also allow the city to challenge Florida’s state firearm preemption laws. State lawmakers have used preemption to block cities and counties from taking action to prevent gun violence, a tactic called “meddlesome,” “contradictory,” and “offensive.” More than 40 states have some form of gun preemption laws.


CDLS campaign manager Michael Alfano made the following statement:


“The voices and rights of Florida’s citizens have been silenced by preemption for too long. Our cities have been powerless to address gun violence with common-sense local solutions. We are grateful that Commissioner Daley is taking strides that will challenge the state’s unconstitutional preemption laws. CDLS stands ready to support Commissioner Daley‘s legal efforts.”


As seen in The New York Times, the Washington PostUSA TodayNBC News, and Slate, the Campaign to Defend LocalSolutions is a Florida-based national coalition of elected officials, organizations, and individuals from 43 states, fighting against state preemption of local communities.