Court Orders Nonprofit Law Firm to Pay $52,000 to Oil and Gas Company for Defending Local Fracking Waste Ban

#DefendLocal was mentioned in a troubling post from DesmogBlog about corporate interests chilling challenges to state preemption laws.

A nonprofit law firm was forced to pay $52,000 dollars for helping a rural community defend their local ban on fracking. The law firm was sanctioned, in part, due to challenging “well-settled” law.

The article responds:

In court records, CELDF points to Brown v. Board of Education (which overturned “separate but equal” schools for Black and White students, 1954), courts striking down bans on gay marriage, and other novel legal arguments as evidence that sanctions against lawyers who challenge “settled” law could set a dangerous precedent.

These types of actions against those fighting for local solutions, in favor of corporate interest, undermine local democracy.