RELEASE: Statement on Passage of HB9 Sanctuary Cities Bill

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Statement on Passage of HB9 Sanctuary Cities Bill

Tallahassee, Fla. — Today, the Florida House Judiciary Committee passed House Bill 9, a bill that would force local communities to comply with federal immigration and deportation efforts of undocumented persons. This is the latest in a series of heavy-handed preemption bills moving through the Florida Legislature in recent years.

Campaign to Defend Local Solutions campaign manager Michael Alfano issued the following statement:

“For lawmakers to pass this highly controversial bill in the face of overwhelming opposition from 60 citizens is a disgrace. Bills like HB9 do nothing to keep our communities safe. Instead, they invite costly litigation, will subject local cities to ridiculous fines and punishment, and will hurt taxpayers by denying cities state funding. HB9 is likely unconstitutional, will create fear and tear apart families, and is the latest example of Tallahassee’s war on cities and counties.”

States across the country have tried to preempt local communities from enacting “welcoming cities” policies. Recently, a federal court blocked Texas’ state sanctuary cities ban, citing constitutionality and following a lawsuit from numerous Texas cities.

As seen in The New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, NBC News, and Slate, the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions is a Florida-based national coalition of elected officials, organizations, and individuals from 43 states, fighting against state preemption of local communities.