Statement on AZ Attorney General Brnovich’s “Ridiculous” Decision on Bisbee Bag Fee

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Statement on AZ Attorney General Brnovich’s “Ridiculous” Decision on Bisbee Bag Fee
Bisbee, Ariz. — Following Attorney General Brnovich’s ruling today that a local plastic bag fee violates Arizona state law, Campaign to Defend Local Solutions campaign manager Mike Alfano issued the following statement:

“It’s beyond ridiculous that the Attorney General believes a local trash ordinance is of statewide importance. It strains credulity that one city’s effort to reduce litter, embraced by local businesses and retailers, is a threat to the state. Brnovich’s ruling is a win for corporate special interests, and completely out of touch with what Arizonans know to be true, that the government closest to the people governs best.”

State legislators in 2016, through a heavy-handed method known as preemption, blocked cities from passing local ordinances regulating single-use plastic bags. Bisbee’s law, passed in 2013, has led to a cleaner community and lower costs for retailers. The ordinance was embraced by local businesses and retailers like Safeway.
These laws are part of a national trend of state legislatures preempting cities and counties from passing common-sense local laws. More than 40 states have passed some form of local preemption.

As seen in The New York Times, the Washington PostUSA TodayNBC News, and Slate, the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions is a national coalition of elected officials, organizations, and individuals from 43 states, fighting against state preemption of local communities. See more at DefendLocal.com.