Cities and counties are playing defense in 2018 session

Article from the Tallahassee Democrat that details how we can expect to see broad “Blanket Preemption” return in 2018, similar to 2017’s far-reaching HB 17 which attacked local governments on a wide-range of issues.

[Rep. Randy] Fine had a bill in the past session to pre-empt business regulation to the state and give local governments until 2020 to repeal conflicting rules. It got through one House committee but had no Senate companion and died at the end of the session.

He said he plans to bring the idea back in January, when the Legislature convenes its early election-year session, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran “is certainly a big fan of the concept.”


“We have a bit of a crisis in oversight of local government,” he added. “If they would focus more on their core functions – zoning, land use, alcohol regulation, strip clubs and noise ordinances – instead of things like minimum wages, family leave, banning products, banning businesses, then I think that they could do their job better.”

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