Statement on Texas Senate’s “Out of Control” Preemption Legislation

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Statement on Texas Senate’s “Out of Control” Preemption Legislation


Following the Texas Senate’s decision to force through legislation attacking local communities, which opponents have called “just out of control,” Campaign to Defend Local Solutions campaign manager Mike Alfano made the following statement:


“Texans — like most Americans — believe the government closest to the people governs best, and that means local mayors, commissioners, and councilmembers. But out-of-touch members of the Texas Senate have missed that message. These attacks on local communities and local control are, in fact, out of control. Texans deserve to have their local voices heard, not silenced by unaccountable state lawmakers.”


NOTE: Alfano is also available for in-person interviews in Austin, TX from July 27-29. Contact franco@catecomm.com to arrange.


The legislation severely restricts the rights of local communities related to development, tree protection, cell phones, and other local ordinances, along with ill-advised “bathroom bill” legislation. Similar legislation is projected to cost North Carolina more than $3.7 billion, and may cost Texas $1.4 billion.


These laws are part of a national trend of state legislatures preempting cities and counties from passing common-sense local laws. More than 40 states have passed some form of local preemption.


As seen in The New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News, and Slate, the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions is a national coalition of elected officials, organizations, and individuals from 43 states, fighting against state preemption of local communities. See more at DefendLocal.com.