Creative Loafing Tampa: Preemption, plastic bags, and the state “ignoring your will”

Today, Creative Loafing Tampa political editor Kate Bradshaw previewed the St. Petersburg City Council’s consideration in committee of a ban on single-use plastic bags. Our Campaign was featured prominently throughout the article. Check it out:


In the mean time, the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions is leading the charge against efforts to preempt local control, largely via spreading public awareness of what it is and how it’s happening.


Mike Alfano, manager of the campaign, said it’s a lot easier for industry leaders whose profits may see a ding if a city or county wants to limit plastic straws or create a living wage that’s higher than the state minimum to approach friendly state lawmakers who can push blanket policies rather than try to lobby dozens of cities and counties.


“They see it as a lot easier to go to the state legislature and lobby than it is to go to, in Florida the 415, 416 cities that we have and the 67 counties and talk to folks at the local level,” Alfano said. “And it’s a lot harder for folks to have their say in these situations. When it’s a city council or a county commission taking up a measure, these are people that you see in the grocery store and can go after work to a meeting and have their voice heard. Or easily meet with their local elected official.”


β€œIt’s an attack on some of the foundational democratic principles of our country, where folks can elect folks at the local level to put laws in place that reflect the values of their local community,” Alfano said.


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