The Threat of Super-Preemption Returns to Michigan

An NRA-backed super-preemption law would allow special interest groups to sue local governments for passing local ordinances relating to firearms.  It would also force the local government entity, and therefore the taxpayers, to foot the bill for the suit.

The bill would also require local governments to spend money to alert voters about losing such a legal challenge.  Essentially allowing the special interest to force the local government into doing its boasting for it. Read more about this bill, here.

Additionally, bills that would punish local elected officials personally, for promoting welcoming cities policies have been proposed.  If passed, local elected officials could be personally fined $2,500 to $7,500 simply for voting to enact a law.  Local Governments would be on the hook for attorneys fees, costs, and damages, as well.

Check out our infographic to learn more about super-preemption, how it negatively affects local communities, and what you can do, here.