Update: Local Affordable Housing Requirements Under Threat in Louisiana


“A bill to prevent New Orleans or any other local government in Louisiana from requiring developers to include affordable housing in their plans was rejected last week by a state House committee, 8-7.”

This bill would have removed the power of local governments to utilize inclusionary zoning to require certain percentages of housing developments to be set aside for low-income residents.  Instead, local governments would have been limited to using incentives to convince developers to do so.

Read more about this victory for local solutions, here.


May 31, 2017

“Given the drought of federal and state resources, it seems incredibly unproductive to also stand in the way of local governments that are coming up with their own innovative housing solutions.”

Local affordable housing requirements are under threat in New Orleans.  In a move motivated by the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, the Louisiana State Legislature is moving legislation that would remove the ability of local governments to require set-asides in housing developments for low income residents.

This, despite the fact that mixed-income housing has been linked to positive place-based change, feelings of safety, employment gains for low-income families, better job outcomes, improved employment, improvements in health and education outcomes, mental health benefits, increased self-esteem among low-income individuals, increases in cultural understanding, and fewer behavioral and health problems for children.

Yet another example of special interests stifling innovation at the local level.  Read the full article, here.