CDLS Partner Elected Official: abortion laws in Mo Legislature will have no impact on St. Louis ordinance

“They’re passing laws that either ‘a’, will not be held up by the Supreme Court and will get struck down…or ‘b’, don’t actually do anything to impact our local nondiscrimination ordinance.” -Alderwoman Megan Ellyia Green

State lawmakers are working on abortion measures which includes overturning the city’s statute.  St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Green contends anything the legislature passes will have no impact on the ordinance she drafted.

“The piece of legislation that they are trying to pass, that they are saying that is in response to our local nondiscrimination ordinance, it doesn’t actually address our local nondiscrimination ordinance.”

The measure in the legislature bars cities and counties from enacting laws which adversely affect pregnancy centers that oppose abortion, known as “crisis pregnancy centers”.

Green says the St. Louis ordinance has no bearing on those operations.  She counters that the legislation just creates lax legislation around the centers.

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