Florida House Approves “Most Stringent” Anti-Welcoming Cities Law in the Country

Friday, the Florida House voted to outlaw Welcoming Cities (“sanctuary cities”) and to place draconian penalties on elected officials and local governments that keep these policies in place.

According to PolitiFact, these laws represent the most stringent form of anti-welcoming city laws of any state in the country.

These penalties include:

  • The local government entity must pay up to $5,000 for every day that a welcoming city policy is in place after October 1, 2017
  • A local official who votes to put these policies in place would face removal from office
  • The local official would not be able to use public funds to defend themselves for these acts, even though they would be undertaken in their official capacity
  • Anyone injured by an individual related to a violation of this law by the local government may sue the local government for damages
  • The local government would be ineligible for state grant funding for 5 years.

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