“‘No one will win’ if House Bill 17 becomes Florida law”

“This legislation will create two sets of property rights: business property rights and residential property rights. No one will win. This bill would nullify regulatory ordinances meant to protect our businesses and citizens and will lead to lawsuits, which is a waste of taxpayer money.”

This quote comes from a great op-ed by Mark Ryan, the City Manager of Indian Harbor Beach, on the threat to local solutions that HB 17 presents to Floridians.

This bill would remove the ability of local governments to pass laws regulating businesses in any way that is not currently authorized by statute.

Some examples of local solutions at risk highlighted in the article:

  • Noise regulations on noise generated by businesses.
  • Medical marijuana siting and security regulations.
  • Adult entertainment/sexually oriented business regulation.
  • Height restrictions in municipal charters adopted by voters.
  • Parking or semi-trailers, tow trucks and similar commercial vehicles in residential areas.
  • Home-based business regulations such as traffic, parking and employees not residing at the home.
  • Hours for door-to-door solicitation.

Read the full op-ed, here.